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More Than a Garage Sale

Ted Hyde is a leader of United Methodist Men of Trietsch and wants to personally invite you to Trietsch Trade Day, happening this weekend. Ted shares how impactful Trietsch Trade Day has been over the years in the community.

Can God be glorified by a Garage Sale?

Do you like "treasure hunting?" That's what I've heard some folks call garage sales. If you like this kind of thing, then Trietsch Trade Day (TTD) is for YOU. Shopping in the comfort of the Family Life Center on May 12th will be ideal for this kind of event. A vast array of treasures will be made available at incredible prices. Lots of people love this kind of thing. But typically, I want to stay as far away as possible. Garage sales just don’t interest me.

Yet, for me, TTD is a whole different matter. You're probably saying to yourself, "This guy is crazy. It's the same thing. It's nothing more than a giant garage sale." Here's where I beg to differ.

TTD is fundamentally an act of love. It's a reflection of Christ in all of us. Here's what I mean. All proceeds from the day will be used to share the love of God with those in need. Here are a couple of examples:

What if someone you know became an addict to deal with the pressures of life? Soon, this addiction leads him or her down a path of losing employment and all self-respect. But by the grace of God through the help of others, what if this person turned his or her life around and began to help others do the same? Wouldn't you want to help? Indeed, when you spend money at TTD, you are supporting the Serenity Metro Church, who specializes in ministry to those in recovery, and helping make Disciples for Jesus Christ.

What if someone was deserted and left to die in a vacant lot in downtown Dallas without a penny? By the grace of God, a "passer-by" then gave him a ride to a place north of Denton who took him in, fed and clothed him, and helped him get back on his feet through 6 months of Christian counseling and training. This is a man I met when visiting Denton Freedom House. Indeed, when you spend money at TTD, you are helping many just like my new friend and you're helping make Disciples for Jesus Christ.

These are just a couple of examples of why Trietsch Trade Day is not just a garage sale or treasure hunt; It's an opportunity we all have to make a difference. These funds help prevent addiction and recovery from it. They help support our active military, some of which do not have a strong support system back home. They help fathers embrace their roles as spiritual leaders in their families. They help those in poverty become more self-sufficient. And they support many of the existing ministries at Trietsch.

Please join me and others in supporting Trietsch Trade Day. Share the event on Facebook and other forms of social media. Donate items to the event by dropping off at the FLC on Friday, May 11. Serve on the day of the event, May 12, by contacting me at thyde811@gmail.com. Finally, shop and find those "treasures" others have contributed. In all these ways, you'll be helping to make Disciples for Jesus in your support of Trietsch Trade Day.

Trietsch Trade Day
May 12 from 8am - 3pm
Trietsch Memorial United Methodist Church
Family Life Center
6101 Morriss Road, Flower Mound, TX 75077

Posted by Alyssa Robinson at 10:37 AM
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