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What is transformation?

Are you still on the fence about joining a Life Group? Dana Phillips breaks down the benefits she's seen from participating. Click here to sign up:

When I was asked to write my personal experience with our Life Group, the only word I could think of was transform. Our Life Group has caused transformation. I wanted to be a part of something that was going to change me, not just add more knowledge. Like many of you, I want to go deeper than just knowledge about God; I want to grow in my relationship with Jesus.
So I started to think about the word "transform" and what personal transformation means to me.

  • Transparency: I can't go into a room every week with people and not share. Transparency is letting others know what is going on.Life Groups are a safe place to be transparent.
  • Relationship: Engaging in a Life Group has given me the opportunity to know some people in an intimate way that I haven't gotten from worship services, Bible studies, or Sunday School.
  • Authenticity: This is a little different than transparency. Transparency is how much you share, and authenticity is the truth of your words and actions. I can't meet with people in my Life Group and put on an "everything is great" mask that I can wear for an hour at church. 
  • Nurturing: When you meet with a small group of people, it is like being a flower in a garden that is watered every week. Life Groups let us care for each other, share each other's burdens and point us to the Son.
  • Focus: Each week I am more aware of God showing up in my life. The old saying "what is measured gets done" is true in my spiritual growth. Each week I can look back and see where I prayed a bit more, cared in a new way, surrendered a fear or trusted in a new way.
  • Open: Our Life Group provides a place to be open to seeing things differently. Whether it is a circumstance, a verse or an attitude, I am constantly reminded to be open to new ways of seeing things.
  • Relevant: The struggles, joys and growing pains in our Life Group are more meaningful than the conversations at work with colleagues, or even friends. We are together, each looking to grow in our relationship with Jesus. I am growing in my understanding of my purpose.
  • Moving: Life Groups can spur us to do more than be a consumer: we don't just listen to a sermon, video, or study, we are ignited to be differently, act differently, live LIFE differently.

Life Groups are so much more than "another meeting." They are a powerful vehicle for spiritual growth and transformation. You won't know until you experience what God is doing in Life Groups. Engage to be transformed. 

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