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The Joy of Education

David and Leann White sponsored a student through Mozambique Missions and built a relationship with lasting impact. Click here to sponsor a student. Just select "Mozambique Education" from the drop-down menu. 

It was just 4 years ago when David said his 8am Sunday school class was looking for folks to help sponsor some recent High School graduates in Mozambique to go to University. He felt this was something we could do…so we signed up! We helped sponsor a young man named Hilario. We became Facebook friends and began to communicate…what a blessing! Such a thirst for learning and a grateful and joyous heart this young man has. It was such a pleasure to watch Hilario go from an anxious freshman to an intern to a graduate. He worked hard to improve his grades each year, and his constant gratefulness of the support and prayers were just such blessing for David and me. Right after graduation he sent us a most heartfelt and touching letter of thanks…too long to include, but I wanted to share just a portion that says so much of what it means to these students to get an education.

"In addition, all this gave me an intellectual growth, gave me the opportunity to create friendship, build a social network and above all, prepare me for life, forming my character and my person, and preparing to deal with challenges that will come in the future. So, words are not enough to express my deep and heartfelt feelings, and I pray that God bless you all for what you have done for me and still have done for my family and my community."

As we are able to pour into these hungry young students, they pour back into their community. I received a message from Hilario early this week just to update me on his job search. These students feel such responsibility to use their education and the opportunity they got by the people of Trietsch's generosity.

We started out thinking we'd just write a check each semester…we never could have realized the impact. As Pastor Daniel said…Do Good!

-David and Leann White


Scholarship Info

Hilario is one of the students that was awarded a scholarship through high school and also funded to Africa University and graduated in May!

The cost for full scholarships is below, but any gift is appreciated:

  • Middle School  $450/year
  • High School      $800/year
  • Local University    $4000/year
  • Africa University   $8000/year

For middle school and high school, the scholarship covers the following:

               Tuition, Uniforms, School Supplies, Tutoring, English Classes, Transportation (via bus fees)

For Local and Africa University, the scholarship covers the following:

               Tuition, Room/Board, School Supplies, Transportation to and from AU each semester


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