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The Joy of Contentment

Over these last few weeks in worship we have recognized the real struggle of desire and worry in our lives. We will conclude our worship series by discovering the joy of contentment— that gift of cherishing a rich relationship with God as our sole desire. Fullness and true fulfillment comes through this gift of contentment.

THIS Sunday, November 11 is also Commitment Sunday for the church. That's the time when we prayerfully choose how we will respond to God’s faithfulness and generosity in our lives by making a financial pledge for 2019. I encourage you to use this Prayer Guide to help determine your financial commitment. Prayer is always the best way to make a faithful generosity decision! I also invite you to step up to the next level of giving, by discovering where your giving is now on the attached chart and stepping up to the next level. 

I encourage you to go to tmumc.org/pledge to make your commitment online or this Sunday in worship we will intentionally return our pledge cards to God.

Thanks for discovering the joy of generosity with us! Thanks too, for allowing God's abundance in your life to influence your financial commitment to God.

Every Blessing,


Daniel Humbert
Senior Pastor

PS: If you'd like more information, download The Struggle is Real brochure.

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