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Teach the Children

Pam Taylor shares her passion of sharing Jesus's love with children. Click here to sign up to serve with Children's Ministry!

Trietsch VBS 2017 was a BLAST!

One of the things I loved was helping guide my 3-year-old granddaughter's class with a few of my good friends: Pam Richardson, Sherry Stewart and Rebecca Eckroth; and two really awesome youth helpers – Emily Martin and Caroline Chraska. We had 15 beautiful children that were so loving and attentive to learning about Jesus. 

On Wednesday, our family went to lunch at Red Robins after VBS. Raleigh just started telling us what she learned at VBS (without any prompting!): "God created everything," "Jesus Came from Heaven to Earth to save us," "We have seen His Glory," and "Jesus gives us Power." She talked about her new friends and the friends that she already knew. She loved the Puppets: Luna and Cosmo, and started singing some VBS songs (maybe a little too loud in the restaurant). WOW!  She knows Jesus loves her!

When we have an opportunity to teach our children about how much God loves us and that Jesus is our Savior in such a fun way that they will remember it in their own words – we are doing what Jesus asked us to do. Teach the Children. Love One Another. Share the Good News.

I'm not sure if the kids had more fun or I did. Loving on these 15 kids every morning this past week brought me so much joy and fulfillment. A former boss (from my years in the corporate world) saw some of the pictures posted on Facebook and commented, "You are in your element!"  And I think she's right – I have found my happy place…sharing Jesus with our young children and our young friends from West Dallas (through MAD camp) brings me immense joy!

Consider how you can help teach the Children through summer camps such as VBS, MAD Camp, sports, worship, etc. There are many opportunities to help with Children's Ministry every week. Email Faith Voyage Coordinator Rebecca Lessly at rebeccal@tmumc.org with any questions about Children's Ministry opportunities.