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Step Out & Join a Life Group

Chay and Ashley Henson prayerfully decided to step out of their comfort zone and lead a Life Group. They were a little hesitant because, in Ashley's own words, they "weren't biblical scholars," but were looking for a way to get better connected to others at the church.

Having been at Trietsch for over 8 years and members for the past 2 ½, the Hensons still felt that "big church feel" that so many experience. Since beginning their Life Group, they have no longer felt lost in the crowd, but have built some wonderful new friendships with people that they admittedly say they might never have met. Each week, they are asking the question, "Where is your life with God" and enjoy sharing in each others' struggles, joys and prayers.

Ashley says that some weeks, some group members have lots to share and others may just listen. They love their group and have bonded with their new friends, even travelling to an OU game with one couple and Chay going on a hunting trip with another.

The Hensons love the fact their particular group has fit into their schedule so well. Since Trietsch has Life Groups at all different times - some during the week, some weekends, mornings, evenings, etc - they actually have theirs on Sunday mornings, so it fits into their regular Sunday routine. The value of the friendships, however, have given them reason to look forward to it no matter when it is.  

Ashley adds, "We didn't know many of the members of the Life Group prior to joining, but now we are all close and share our life struggles and joys together... we couldn't imagine these people who were strangers a year ago, not being in our lives. Joining a Life Group has been one of the best things we've been involved in at Trietsch. We have formed real relationships with people that we would have never known and feel confident these friendships will continue on for years to come."

To find out more about Life Groups, go to TMUMC.ORG/life.  New groups are just beginning and we'd love to see everyone connected and enjoying the blessings the Hensons have shared.

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