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Simple Moments of Mentoring

Barbara Willcox shares the simple moments that make mentoring at Hedrick Elementary the highlight of her week. Stop by the Connection Center this Sunday to learn more about One + One Mentoring. 

I just returned from my time with my 2nd Grader at Hedrick. She is bright and full of vigor! Today I met her outside her classroom as the class was going outside for recess. We shot hoops outside the CIS room and then she beat me playing a game. It was lunch time so we went to the cafeteria and brought her lunch back. Next we built with legos and then it was time to get back to class. The hour just flies by! She is bright as I said so needs no academic assistance but just a constant person in her life. We talk about her behavior, her impulsivity and general character and manners. I was lucky enough to meet with her weekly last year and so this year is pure bonus.

This is my fourth year being a mentor at Hedrick. Over those years I have had 3 different students. One was a challenging kindergarten young man, another a bright first grader who wished for a young, pretty mentor (which she got after me), and now with my sweet 2nd grader who is wise beyond her years.

The best part for me is the smile and hug I get as I meet my sweetie each week. Nothing beats that!


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