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Ever been to a dance?  Ever had to walk in all by yourself, hoping to see someone you know and saunter over to the snacks pretending to be perusing the cookies when you’re really hoping someone will talk to you?  NOW – Imagine walking in to a dance that instantly feels like a party. People are welcoming and everyone is dancing with everyone else.  Dancers of all different personalities, ages and abilities pause to go to the photo booth to have a picture taken together and then scoot back out to the dance floor – or even the stage! – to do the YMCA and the Cha-Cha-Slide, complete with lip syncing!

Now imagine that the last 30 minutes of that same dance shift to a time of worship and celebrating God together.  Singing and dancing to worship videos about God’s glory and grace and then listening to a message of love and hope.

That’s what the Night Hab, run by the Trietsch Butterfly Ministry, is all about!

Butterfly Ministry, our special needs ministry, exists to provide an inclusive environment for individuals with specific needs. We not only want to serve these individuals but also partner with their families as they participate in the life of the church.

We want to help any individual who faces unique challenges related to physical, mental, behavioral or emotional needs that would benefit from additional support.

Sundays, the Butterfly Ministry serves adults with special needs during the 9:30 hour and children ages 5 and up with any type of special needs during the 11:00 service.  The adult group attends the first part of worship in the sanctuary, sitting together as a group, and then goes back to their classroom for a bible study and time together. At 11:00, the children are all together in Mission Kids and any student who has special needs has extra guidance or assistance where needed – sometimes just needing to step next door into a quieter, less stimulating space.

Shelby Rabjohn, the Butterfly Ministry Coordinator, began working in the area of special needs as an aid in middle school.  By the time she was in high school, she was the President of Circle of Friends at FMHS, which is an organization that combines students with special needs with any students at the school interested in being a member.  Shelby later took sign language and eventually began working for Special Abilities of North Texas, an agency that serves adults with special needs during the weekdays and both meets at Trietsch as well as having it’s own campus.

Shelby values the concept that the students with special needs are not being “pulled out” of activities, but instead being included in ways that help them be better connected.  The curriculum that she writes for her adults are designed to continue conversation with loved ones at home and she often has parents talk about things their adult children are doing at home that they learned in Sunday school.  The kids in Butterfly Ministry follow the same lesson as Mission Kids, meeting together, but offering a “home base” type room for any student who might need to step away, as well any extra assistance or accommodations Shelby and her volunteers can offer.

The Butterfly Ministry welcomes those who would be interested in volunteering, both on Sunday morning or for one of the fun and exciting Night Habs!  The next Night Hab is on October 18thand will be a Holy Ghost Dance Party – complete with costumes (no scary ones, please!), snacks and a worship time with a devotional from Pastor Daniel.

Volunteers are needed in all areas – serving refreshments, welcoming – even just hitting the dance floor and doing a Conga line with some of the sweetest, most welcoming people you’ll ever meet.  Youth are encouraged to volunteer as well, however, anyone under 13 years needs a parent volunteering with them.

The Night Hab is open to anyone in the community, ages 5 or over, with special needs.  It is designed to offer a fun time with music, dance, a movie room, snacks and worship as well as giving the parents and caretakers a little respite time.

Anyone who is interested in finding out more about this amazing ministry at Trietsch should contact Shelby Rabjohn at shelbyr@tmumc.org.  She’d love to welcome your child ages 5 and up to the Butterfly Ministry on Sunday mornings or the Night Hab as well as anyone wanting to volunteer!  Come check it out.  You will be blessed as much as you will bless others in return.


Join us  for the next Night-HAB Free Respite Community Event for children and adults of special needs (ages 5+). Night Hab - Holy Ghost is October 18 at 6pm in the Ministry Center (Room 280).  Must register prior to attending event. Come for the night to socialize, dance, and party with Jesus. Please bring Halloween snack or treat to share. (qty. 25) Dress up in your best costume. (Nothing too scary please, we will have children at this event). If you would like to register or volunteer, click on the button below.

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