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Seek Justice, Walk Humbly

I am David McCormick. Pray with me today: I pray for God to guide the ministries in Mozambique. I pray that as people come to the rural hospital and the Center of Hope, they will not only experience physical healing and health, but feel your love and grace.

I was born into the United Methodist tradition, being introduced at a young age into the workings of Vacation Bible Schools, Church Acolyte, and confirmation. In high school, through my involvement with the United Methodist Church, I had opportunities to participate in short term and weekend mission trips. It was during these times when I first began to earnestly feel the Holy Spirit moving within me and stirring in my life in a direction of service.

After graduating High School, I attended a local Methodist affiliated college, Centenary College of Louisiana. At my home church, I began to get involved in the youth and young adult program. Through these groups I had the opportunity to lead and mentor future pastors and searchers of the faith. It was at this time I also met a woman who had not only a deep faith, but also a heart for missions.

It was with her I completed my first international Mission Trip to Honduras. Little was I aware it was her final test of me to see if I was marriage material. Fortunately, I passed and we are now married with two beautiful daughters.

Life went on as usual and we began to accomplish  worldly success. We had affordable housing, good jobs, and good schools for our children. However, we were being led to a different path. We felt and found a call to live outside of our regular routine and comfort level. We felt the call to work towards a life alongside our fellow man and woman. Through this call, we have found our place in the community of Chicuque and Maxixe, Mozambique. God has lead us to this place for God's glory in our actions.

I am not a pastor; I hold no degrees of higher education in religion, theology, or philosophy. I come only with a love of God, an example of Jesus, and a heart to serve alongside my brothers and sisters as we work to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. My call to ministry is to seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God.

So then, whenever we have an opportunity, let us work for the good of all, and especially for those of the family of faith. Galatians 6:10

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