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Say Yes!

Laura Sennott, Hospitality Coordinator, shares how meaningful feeling welcomed is to her. Stop by the Connection Center over the next few weeks to learn how you can be the person welcoming others into the church with love.

I clearly remember the first time I visited Trietsch about 5 years ago. I was so impressed that someone was in the parking lot waiving me to an empty spot. Then as I got to the door there was a friendly face greeting me and welcoming me in. And then yet again as I approached the Sanctuary another "Good Morning."

I thought, "Wow, this church knows how to make you feel welcome!"

It made a huge impression on me. I remember thinking I want to be part of a church like this; I want this to be my church home! Later I recalled my first experience here and decided I wanted to be one of those people who smiles and says, "Come on in, we're glad you are here!"

It's a big deal to feel welcomed, wanted, and to feel like you belong. We all want that! One day as I was greeting people, a church member said to me, "You are the only place that will make me feel welcomed today." Wow! How awesome is that?

Five years later I find myself in the position of coordinating our faithful volunteers on Sunday mornings. I am blessed to be in partnership with the hospitality team and I look forward to living into our full potential as we welcome and make people feel they belong, so they can grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please just say yes! Stop by the "SAY YES" display for the next three Sundays and sign up to be a part of our team or contact me by email, at lauras@tmumc.org. I look forward to serving alongside you! You can also sign up to spend quality time leading our youngest friends into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ in children's Sunday school. Contact Julie Hawkins at juliehawk@tmumc.org for more information.

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