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Project Transformation

Barb Willcox gives more information on the impact of Project Transformation. Click here to sign up:

Many people may have heard about Project Transformation but not too many people know what it's all about, specifically the summer program. Trietsch  is involved in a one-to-one reading program with children at Chapel Hill UMC. Our four-day week is June 10-13, 2019. We are looking for caring volunteers to read with the children that are participating in the summer day camp. It is from 9:15 am- 12:00 pm for any or all of the 4 days mentioned above.

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You will have one, possibly two children, if you feel comfortable, to listen as they read to you. At times you may have to help with words that they are not sure of. It does not take a degree in education, you don't have to be a teacher, just someone with a caring heart and love of children. These children are from low income neighborhoods who need an opportunity to maintain or improve their reading achievement during the summer. Literacy development is just one part of a busy day. These children experience art and enrichment, recreation, Bible lessons, and nutrition education.

We have been reading with day camp students for many years and share this opportunity with Methodist churches throughout the area. The summer Project Transformation program runs from June-August. In 2015, over 13,000 books were read by elementary participants in the summer. Ninety-six percent of elementary participants either maintained or improved their reading achievement.

Even former Dallas Cowboy Dwayne Harris has served with Project Transformation (pictured above)

You might ask who runs these day camps? College-aged young adults devote a summer of their lives to be in service to others through leading the summer programs. The PT Program focuses on Four Core Pillars: develop literacy, cultivate leadership, celebrate diversity, and serve community.

Wouldn't you like to join the PT volunteer listeners?

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