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2017 Prayer Walk

August 20, 2017

Join us on August 20 after worship as we head out to every school campus in the area and walk around the campus as we pray for the incoming students, teachers, administrators, staff, aides and families. You can sign up for a particular school(s) to cover in prayer. Feel free to go to your child's school and do a prayer walk for their classmates, teachers and school employees. You can pray anytime Sunday.

Below is a list of schools in the area, divided by city. You can pick one of these or add any private schools you’ll encircle in prayer. Please register in advance so that we know which schools are covered.

We encourage you to also pray for students going off to college and the students we support in Mozambique and all students all over the world. No need to sign up to share God's love with others and to offer God's grace. Click on the link to download the Prayer Card with prayers and helpful tips.

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Bluebonnet Elem                                   2001 Spinks Rd.
Bridlewood Elem                                   4901 Remington Park Dr.
Donald Elem                                         2400 Forest Vista Dr.
Downing Middle                                    5555 Bridlewood Blvd.
Flower Mound 9th Grade                       3411-A Peters Colony
Flower Mound Elem                              4101 Churchill
Flower Mound High                               3411 Peters Colony
Forest Vista Elem                                 900 Forest Vista Dr.
Forestwood Middle                               2810 Morriss Rd.
Garden Ridge Elem                               2220 S. Garden Ridge Blvd.
Lamar Middle                                        4000 Timber Creek Rd.
Liberty Elem                                         4600 Quail Run Rd.
Marcus 9th Grade                                  5707 Morris Rd.
Marcus High                                         5707 Morriss Rd.
McKamy Middle                                    2401 Old Settlers Rd.
Old Settlers Elem                                  2525 Old Settlers Rd.
Prairie Trail Elem                                   5555 Timber Creek Rd.
Shadow Ridge Middle                           2050 Aberdeen Dr.
Timber Creek Elem                                1900 Timber Creek Rd.
Vickery Elem                                        3301 Wager Rd.
Wellington Elem                                    3900 Kenwood Dr.


Briarhill Middle                                      2100 Briarhill Blvd.
Heritage Elem                                       100 Barnett Blvd.
Highland Village Elem                           301 Brazos Blvd.
McAuliffe Elem                                     2300 Briarhill Blvd.


Central Elem                                         400 High School Dr.
College Street Elem                              350 W. College St.
Creekside Elem                                     901 Valley View
Degan Elem                                          1680 College Pkwy.
Delay Middle                                        136 Purnell St.
Durham Middle                                     2075 Edmonds Ln.
Hedrick Elem                                        1532 Bellaire Blvd.
Hedrick Middle                                      1526 Bellaire Blvd.   
Huffines Middle                                    1440 N. Valley Pkwy.
Lakeland Elem                                      800 Fox Ave.
Lewisville Elem                                     285 W Country Ridge
Lewisville High                                      1098 W. Main St.
Lewisville High Harmon                          1250 West Round Grove
Lewisville High Killough                         1301 Summit Ave.
Lillie J. Jackson Early Childhood           1651 Valley Pkwy.
Parkway Elem                                       2100 S. Valley Pkwy.
Rockbrook Elem                                   2751 Rockbrook Dr.
Southridge Elem                                   495 W. Corporate Drive
Valley Ridge Elem                                 1604 N. Garden Ridge Blvd.


Adkins Elem                                         1701 Monahan Dr.
Blanton Elem                                         9501 Stacee Ln.
Guyer High                                           7501 Teasley Ln
Harpool Middle                                     9601 Stacee St.
Rayzor Elem                                         377 Rayzor Rd.


Career Center East                                2553 FM 544
Dale Jackson Career Center                   1597 S. Edmonds Ln.
Lewisville Learning Center                      1601 S. Edmonds Ln.
LISD Administration                              1800 Timber Creek Rd.


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