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Our Daily Bread

For Neal Brady, an invitation to serve became an ongoing passion. This is why we do No Selfie Saturday! Choose a cause and serve with us on October 21. Click here to browse all causes.

Towards the end of 2013, knowing I would be retiring in a few weeks, I began to think about what I would do. Three friends from Trietsch, Mike DeFord, Jay McReynolds and Tom Agase, were volunteering one day a week at Our Daily Bread (ODB) in Denton, a community soup kitchen. Tom was about to go back to work (but has since retired and now volunteering again as well) so they talked me into going. The first Wednesday of 2014 I went for the first time not knowing what to expect and feeling I had stepped completely out of my comfort zone. What I found in ODB is a charitable organization doing much more than providing food. There is a continental breakfast (served in the morning), fresh produce, snacks, toiletries, clothing and counseling provided for all the people who want them, as well as the meal we prepare and serve for lunch.

ODB is a fantastic organization which is always looking for volunteers to work in the kitchen, drive and pickup donations, unload trucks and for office help. The four of us have been joined by two others from Trietsch. Danny Majors goes with us on Wednesdays and Debbie Campbell goes on Tuesdays. We could use more volunteers, though. Since school has started we have lost a lot of the college age kids who were volunteering and we are short handed, so any help would be deeply appreciated.

Our Daily Bread serves three purposes in my life: I am involved with friends not only from Trietsch but also from around this area, I get to help those who are truly in need of help, and I get a close up view of God at work in our community. Come see for yourself what it's all about by serving with me at Our Daily Bread on October 21.


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