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One + One. One hour a week. One child. Two lives changed.

For the past 4 years, Trietsch has built a relationship with Hedrick Elementary. In May, the school closed and now many of those students are heading to a school that is new to them. We can use your help in making this a great transition year for the teachers and students.  We need volunteers to mentor the awesome students at Vickery Elementary. These students are full of potential and need adult mentors to build relationships, encourage and work with them during their lunch hour this school year. Mentoring might involve tutoring around a specific subject or just working on social skills. YOUR gifts and presence are needed to make a difference in the lives of these students. Children who are mentored do better in school and learn how to build stronger social skills. Sign up in the Connection Center 8/11, 8/18, and 8/25 or click on the link below.

For more information contact lauras@tmumc.org.

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Bishop McKee of the North Texas Conference of UMC has challenged all 300 NTC churches to return to our roots and engage with the people where we live and work. Together with Communities in Schools of North Texas, we will mentor the students of Vickery Elementary in Flower Mound.

Leading the effort is Laura Sennott, who has been serving children as a mentor for several years. She shares her experiences of the last  few years.

“For numerous children, it’s simply the stability of having someone there solely for them to listen to them,” Laura said about the importance of mentoring.Laura started mentoring when her husband died. “I had to do something where somebody needed me,” Laura said. “It gave me someone who looked forward to meeting me. It gave me a purpose. I adore the kids,” she added. “It adds lightness to my week.”

We are partnering with CISNT, which oversees mentoring programs in several schools. Each school has an liaison from CISNT, which will pair the mentors with students who could most benefit from the relationship, taking into account the mentor’s preference to work with a boy or girl, the child’s age and shared interests.

Laura recalled hearing about how her mentee came into the program: The liaison was in the school, and a lot of children were vying for her attention, telling her they wanted a mentor. 

“It’s a listening ear they get all to themselves,” she explained.

This little girl went up to the liaison and said that all the other kids “wanted” a mentor, but she “needed” one. Her mom had a brain tumor and she just needed someone to talk to. Laura was that someone.

“We rarely talked about her mom,” Laura said. “We met together every week for two years until she moved up to middle school.”

They didn’t continue to meet because her middle school doesn’t have a mentoring program. Trietsch will begin the program working with the younger children, those in elementary school. We hope that by the time they get to middle school, we will be able to continue the program there.

Once you sign up, you will have to complete a background check and a training session with CISNT. You will be assigned your student. The program is flexible if you need to reschedule one week or even miss one.

The mentoring program is also open to juniors and seniors of high school. 

Mentoring sessions are usually held during your child’s lunchtime, which in elementary school is roughly 10:30 am – 1:30 pm, or after school at 3. Tutoring can sometimes extend until 6 pm to accommodate those who work until 5 pm. 

You may work with your child on academics they need help with, or you can play games (provided) or read together. Most importantly, you will give your child your attention, something they desperately need.

“I didn’t have that kind of life growing up, and neither did my children,” Laura said. “Mentoring  reminds me of my blessings.”

The North Texas Conference of the UMC pledges that each of its 300 churches in the 21 counties will engage with public schools throughout North Texas, with 10  percent of its congregations committing to spend one hour a week actively building one to one relationships.

With your help, we will do our part. For more information, contact Laura Sennott at laura.sennott@yahoo.com.

Volunteer Now

Volunteer Now

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