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Not Perfect, But Blessed

Lucy Wineman's Life Group has helped her work through low points in her faith journey. Lucy is now leading a Life Group at 7 pm on Tuesdays in her home. Click here to join her group or browse other open Life Groups.

Last year, changes in the life of the church uprooted the way I worship and rearranged scheduling so I could no longer attend my Sunday school class and the worship service I preferred. I was suffering with my faith as my close friends were in Sunday School when I desired to be in worship. I was depressed. Every Sunday morning I basically flipped a coin to decide if I'd go to Sunday school or worship that day.

Mad does not begin to express the feelings I was holding inside. I felt like decisions made by the church did not fit my needs, and they weren't listening to my needs. I tried other classes and found them to be less than what I needed. I tried different churches, found wonderful ministers but the people that I have grown in Christ with as an adult were not there. So I was in the same position.

I sought help to deal with this "faith depression." It was creeping into all parts of my life. I needed some way to build great relationships and learning opportunities. Denise Robinson suggested Life Groups. I was willing to completely open myself up to these people and let them know who I am without discussing my frustrations with the church.

I decided to host the group at my home. Our group started out overflowing, but dwindled down for a multitude of valid reasons. One left feeling that others in the group were more in touch with God. I want so badly to hug them and beg them to stay to grow in Christ. But that was not my place. Another left because it was not all single adults. That is true. We are a wonderful mix of people which I love. 

I have gained very dear friends. I look forward to more just by meeting and discussing how we are with God that week. It is amazing what you can learn about others just by sharing our prayers and concerns. I know now that I have more friends that I can depend on. People that will pray when needed or just say "Hi" in the hallways at church!

What I had hoped to gain in Life Groups was help in getting my faith life back in order. What I have found is a group that has given me so much more. We are still getting to know each other.  Everyone feels comfortable speaking openly and honestly about anything they desire. Now I feel like I can discuss the most personal of issues and know that this group will help me see it through Christian eyes. Changes in church affected my personal relationships; now I am glad to be working on connecting with people through Life Groups.

I am not perfect, but I am blessed!

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