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No Passport Needed

Rev. Clay Horton, Associate Pastor of Serving Ministries, shares his strategy for missions in 2018. See opportunities to serve at TMUMC.ORG/missions:

When you think of mission work, what images come to mind? Perhaps long trips, construction projects, or painting emerge from your memory bank. These are often part of mission activity, but what if you could practice missional living every day? In 2018, the mission team will help guide Trietsch and the surrounding community into learning how to live as missionaries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No passport needed. 

In 2018, the mission team wants to help you find your spot to serve. We believe God is already at work in the community in a variety of ways. God is working in ministries, non-profits, and the schools. We also believe God has placed unique passions and skills in each person. We aim to connect the needs of the community with the places that make you most come alive when you serve. As opposed to organizing service project after service project, our desire is to help make you aware of important issues in our community and world. Once you learn about the issues, we will connect you to the organizations and ministries most effective in addressing these problems. To start 2018, we will be focusing on poverty, specifically homelessness and affordable housing. 

The church will be your spiritual spring board. We will help equip you spiritually but our hope is that you will take ownership for the ways you choose to live into servant ministry.  Find issues that break your heart.  Find issues that make your soul come alive. Then, connect with organizations making an impact. Serve using your God given gifts and talents. In 2018, we invite you to open your eyes and heart to the needs of this world and discover where God is calling you to find your spot.

Posted by Alyssa Robinson at 1:56 PM