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Moving the Needle

About a month ago, Rev. Doug Meyer shared a message about "Moving the Needle." What can we each do to be a better neighbor? To love more deeply? To show others that they matter? His message particularly touched the hearts of  Robbie Thomason and René Radican, and they decided to take action!

They saw a need in their community for support and encouragement and built a food pantry in their front yard.

Robbie says, "On a recent trip my sister and I noticed a 'food pantry' on the street. Inside were baked goods and food items left by local businesses. We started talking about giving back to our community and thought a food pantry/ book library might be a good fit in our neighborhood (my sister and I live a block from each other).

"Most of our neighbors are first-generation Americans and many households are multi-generational to help stretch the few dollars they have. In addition, we often see the homeless nearby and wanted to offer both groups a hand up without asking them to take a hand-out.

"We found a container to house our Pantry; customized it a bit to help keep "Critters" out (thank you Home Depot for the discount given when we explained our vision) and stocked it with basic essentials (and a nod to Walmart for helping out). 

"As my sister said.. 'There are a lot of good people out there that will help if given a chance.'"

"Take What You Need, Help If You Can"

It is our joy as a staff at Trietsch to see all of the amazing ways you become the hands and feet of Christ in the community. Thank you, Robbie and René, for taking Doug's message outside of the church walls and putting your passion into action. It is inspiring to all of us to remember that church isn't about singing some songs, listening to a sermon, seeing friends, going out to lunch, and then going home. It's supposed to remind us that every day is a new opportunity to live the way Jesus taught us to live with a passion for serving others.

If you have a story of how you've seen God's love in action in the community, share it with us at http://www.tmumc.org/mystory.


Posted by Alyssa Robinson at 11:07 AM
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