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TEC: More Than A Preschool

We are celebrating 30 years of TEC! The impact that the Trietsch Enrichment Center has made on hundreds of children and their families is astounding, and the relationships don't end after preschool. Join us on February 13 for the 30th anniversary celebration.

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Read Morgan Yeatts's story about her personal experience with TEC:

Since I was a little girl, I always loved school. To me, the first day of school has always been a little bit like Christmas morning, full of joy and excitement. This year, I started my senior year at Flower Mound High School, and next year will continue my adventure at The University of Alabama- and I could not be more excited!

With that being said, my love for school started when I walked through the doors at TEC. I was no more than three or four years old at the time, but the impact that TEC had on my life was enormous, to say the least. What not every pre-school can offer is the sense of family that can be found at TEC. The teachers and students form tight-knit bonds- the kind that last a lifetime. 

I was always a shy kid, but one TEC teacher, in particular, was able to change that. Lynn Parker was the best Pre- School teacher that any kid could have asked for. Even though I was a very shy child, she made sure that I always felt included. She welcomed me with open arms, and it was (and is) easy to see God working through her. 

Not only did Lynn impact me through my TEC years, she also continued to be a part of my life ever since. In sixth grade, she began to be my small group leader for youth group, and continued to teach me how to grow in my faith. To this day, she still has that impact on not just me, but all of my classmates as well. She is a constant in my life, and for that I am eternally grateful. She is a mentor to me in all things, so quick to love and slow to anger, and her ability to always have faith astounds me at times. Always wonderful, she continues to be there for me, every step of the way. 

Without TEC, this irreplaceable relationship would have never been possible. The relationships we make as children are vital to the way we grow up, and I am elated that I got to have the experience that I did at TEC. The sense of community and the shared love are exactly what children need. The teachers at TEC always made me fell like I fit in, and they made sure that no child was left out of any activity. It is not an experience that I could ever replace, nor would I ever want to. TEC is the foundation upon which my love for education was built, and I can only hope that every other child in the program feels the same love and light that I felt everyday at TEC.

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