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Care Packages for Soldiers

Deployed United States military personnel spend Christmas far away from their homes and their family. They choose to put themselves in harm’s way in order to protect our liberties and freedoms. Let’s support them this Christmas by sending them care packages.

For the last seven years, Trietsch has provided deployed troops care packages that are delivered to them before Christmas. We have been told that our care packages are the only gifts many of the soldiers receive.

Below is a list of items requested for the care packages. Please bring these items to the Christmas Giving Centers in the Connection Center or Family Life Center (FLC) lobbies. The deadline is December 6. The ministry is also collecting funds to pay for mailing costs. 

For more information, contact Kelly Jones by email at kdgjones@yahoo.com or by phone at 972-978-3359.

 Food Items Beverages  Toiletries/ Hygiene   Miscellaneous
Beef Jerky Individual Powdered Drink Mixes (Mixes to go in water) Carmex/ Lip Balm/ Chapstick  Ear Plugs
Hard Candies
Tea Bags Tooth Brushes Crossword Puzzles
Peanuts/ Mixed Nuts Individual Coffee, Hot Chocolate & Apple Cider Packets Travel-Sized Toothpaste Playing Cards
Sunflower Seeds   Travel-Sized Mouth Wash Batteries (All Sizes)
Trail Mix   Travel-Sized Dental Floss Small American Flags
Dried Fruits   Travel-Sized Foot Powder Paperback Books
Granola/ Power Bars   Travel-Sized Shaving Cream
Bubble Gum   Travel-Sized Deodorant Ziploc Baggies
Individual Tuna Packets   Travel-Sized Shampoo Small Unbreakable Christmas Ornaments
Cookies in Tins/ Individual Packets of Cookies
  Travel-Sized Lotion Christmas Stockings
Oatmeal (Instant) in Individual Packets   Disposable Razors  
Canned Fruit (Pop Top Cans)   Eye Drops  
Cereal (In Small Boxes   Baby Wipes  
Pringles   Q-Tips  
    Hand Sanitizer  
    Travel-Sized Bath Soap  
    Nail Clippers  
    Feminine Hygiene Products  
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