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Merry Christmas from Bishop McKee

Bishop Michael McKee wishes Christmas blessings to us all:

Surprise is God's way of telling the world that God works in unlikely ways and places. The celebration of the birth of the Christ Child affirms this. I am always surprised at how God reveals hope, joy, love, and peace during this season to me. Several days ago, I attended a Christmas concert featuring several groups in the Dallas area. One of the groups was the Dallas Street Choir. The Street Choir is composed of men and women who live on the streets or in homeless shelters in Dallas.

As I listened and watched the members of the Dallas Street Choir, homeless but not voiceless, I experienced the spirit of Christmas, for they were singing with such joy! Often, we are confused, resentful, overwhelmed, or angry at the events of our time. Yet... soon we celebrate the birth of the Christ Child and sense the possibilities God has for us and for the world. Let's trust that God's dreams and possibilities for us will capture our hearts this season. And may we experience the eternal joy proclaimed by the angels over 2000 years ago.

May you have a blessed Christmas!
Bishop Michael McKee
Bishop Michael McKee

P.S. Many of you expressed concern over what is occurring in Aleppo, Syria. This is how you can be the light of Christ in this darkened place at this time: 

In the coming days, UMCOR will be working hard with two on-the-ground partners to develop projects that provide humanitarian assistance, mostly food, supplies, and other non-food items to the survivors of Aleppo. Since 2010, UMCOR has been responding to the Syrian crisis by working with partners to provide for the basic human needs of refugees and internally displaced persons. To date, UMCOR has spent approximately $4 million on this disaster. UMCOR is currently finalizing a grant to assist in Lebanon as that country supports nearly one third of its population that are refugees. If you would like to give to support the work UMCOR does to respond to this and other disasters, please give to the International Disaster Response Advance #982450. Most of all, though, please pray for the people who are trapped in Aleppo. Thank you for your continued support.

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