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The 7 deadly sins, explained by Shazam

What are the 7 Deadly Sins?

The Deadly Sins: Gluttony/Drunkenness, Greed, Lust, Sloth, and Vanity

41 Evidences of Pride

The C.S. Lewis Institute: Pride & Humility

Some Things that Come in Groups of 7:

  1. Every week has seven days
  2. There are seven continents
  3. There are seven seas
  4. The rainbow has seven colors
  5. The Lotus flower on Buddha’s pedestal has 7 petals
  6. There are only 7 ancient sages
  7. When they tie the knot, couples take 7 steps around the fire to unite
  8. It is believed that each person has six more look-alikes. That comes to a total of 7.
  9. In our solar system there are 7 physical planets that have influence over humanity
  10. In the Bible you will read about 7 Seals and 7 Churches.
  11. It is believed that it took 7 days for God to create the world
  12. You can also talk about the spirit of Yahweh and the 7 donations
  13. The people of Israel mourned for 7 days
  14. According to Egyptian Mythology there are 7 angels
  15. In the Jordan, the leprous Naaman was cured after diving 7 times
  16. When we talk about lives, we talk about 7 lives
  17. Number 7 symbolizes eternal life in Egyptian mythology
  18. Number 7 is supposed to be the number of negative moon (positive moon being 2)
  19. It took 7 virgins to light the Olympic flame
  20. Swans a swimming
  21. Deadly sins
  22. Dwarfs
  23. Wonders of the world
  24. Games in an MLB championship series
  25. Brides for Brothers
  26. Heavens (cosmology)
  27. Uniformed branches of military service in U.S. (Army, AF, Navy, Marine, CG, NOAA, Pub. Health Serv)
  28. Habits of Highly Effective People
  29. Astronauts killed in the Challenger Shuttle disaster
  30. Samurai
  31. Penitential Psalms
  32. Words you can’t say on television
  33. Hills of Rome
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