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Man Alive Men's Retreat

Ted Hyde shares why he personally needs a weekend away from all the stress life brings. Join him for the Man Alive Men's Retreat on August 26 & 27!

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Oh My Gosh – I've got too much on my plate. My to do list is way too long. I feel pressured down to get everything done. Then on top of all that, my wife, Anne, thinks I'm not spending enough time with her. I NEED A BREAK!

A number of years ago, I did that very thing. I came home from work at my usual time, I hooked up our boat and went out on Lake Lewisville for a couple of hours. I GAVE MYSELF A BREAK. I just put the rest of the world on hold. Believe it or not, it was like a mini vacation. I really had not gone anywhere special. I was home about sunset, yet I felt a sense of peace. I really could go on with life.

I'd like to invite you to do something with me. Invest in your wife, invest in your family, invest in your job, by investing in yourself. Come with me to the 2017 Man Alive Men's Retreat. This 24 hour reprieve is an opportunity for you to step away from the drudgery of life for a bit and invest in your relationship with God.

Here's the low down. We're gonna meet at the Marluc Bella Vita Ranch near Jacksboro, TX starting at noon on Saturday, August 26. We'll finish by noon on Sunday, August 27. You can drive yourself, but I encourage you to participate in car pools leaving from Trietsch. 

While at the retreat, you'll engage in group sessions based on the book, Man Alive by Patrick Morley. You'll also have lots of free time for fun activities like kayaking, fishing, and hiking. But you'll also have opportunities for self-reflection and spending time communing with God. The purpose of this "outing with the guys" is to build your relationship with other men, build your relationship with Christ and better equip yourself to deal with the challenges of life. 

Take the time to register now. Do this for your family. Do it for your employer. Do it for yourself. Be all the man God intends for you to be. Join me at the 2017 Man Alive Men's Retreat. The registration fee of $50 will cover lodging,  4 meals, and the cost of supplies. Note:  scholarships are available.

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Check out an intro video to Marluc Bella Vita Ranch


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