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Listening Ears

Debbie Campbell has learned that listening is at the core of mentoring. Stop by the Connection Center this Sunday to learn more about One + One Mentoring.

Although I taught forty years with the L.I.S.D. school district I made a decision after I retired to give a little of my time back to the children of this district who I felt were in need of some special time.

The first year I participated in this program I was placed as an afterschool academic coach. At the first meeting I was surrounded by a group of kindergarten and first grade students. They blew me away with their questions and desire for my attention. I checked homework, listened to reading assignments and help complete math assignments. I felt I had made a difference in some small way. I loved every week I returned.

The second year I participated in One + One Mentoring I was placed with a first grade student. He was shy, eager to learn, and wanted to talk about everything and anything. I was his listening ears. The thought of knowing he had recently lost his mother even meant a bigger commitment from me. He had me to talk to, play games with, do art projects, play basketball, and soccer.

We are starting our third year together, and he's a happy, verbal, and an active third grader. God's placement of me in my student's life reinforces the journey God has set for me and the commitment that I have to this student. I treasure the opportunity I have been given to make the difference in this student's life.

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