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Life Groups are Family

Amy Parsons sat in on a Life Group to see if what she'd been hearing about them was true. She walked away feeling like it was a family reunion! You can join a Life Group on Sunday, January 28 at any time throughout the morning. Click here to learn more.

Coffee, laughter and stories around the table. Just a normal Wednesday evening for a few Life Group members who now call themselves family.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of our Life Groups the other night to ask a few questions about how they came to be there and why they keep coming back. While Trietsch life groups can meet wherever they choose - at church or off site - this group elected to meet at Starbucks. It was the first get together of the new year and the friends greeted each other as if they hadn't seen each other in ages.

I listened as they laughed, hugged, congratulated and greeted each other - even BEFORE getting their caffeine fix! It was obvious how happy they all were to see each other and catch up from before the holidays and I had a brief feeling of being the "visiting friend" at a family reunion.

They quickly welcomed me in and after everyone had their cups and snacks in front of them and their coats off, they were ready to share with me. I wanted to dig into what it was that made them want to try a Life Group, how they got connected and what it means to them to be in a Life Group now.

"I had just finished college and moved back and my friends were all over the place," said Kyle McCanon. "I knew I was needing something."  Kyle's sister told him about Life Groups at Trietsch and he thought he would give it a try.

"I've been a member for 10 years, but wanted to find a way to plug in more," added Tim Wilson. One of my friends basically took my hand and said "You HAVE to do this!" Tim says that this group helped him make the connection he has been trying so hard to make.  

The group agreed wholeheartedly that they all were seeking that same, deeper connection. While most of them admitted to choosing this particular Life Group because the day and time best matched their schedule, the weekly meetings quickly became a priority in their schedules. "If it's important to you, you make the time," says Tim of his weekly meeting with his friends.

Jason Nix, group leader, shared how much his group means to him by one particular story. The night he was going to propose to his then girlfriend, Liz Curry, the couple first went to the movies with the group. "I showed Kyle the ring when we were in the bathroom!" Jason says with excitement and laughter. "I was so nervous - I had to show someone!" (Note: She said yes! 😉)

Liz is also in the Life Group and says that in three months of meeting, they have gone through both big and small things together - from the engagement, to Kyle finding his dream job to all the day to day joys and stresses that come along. "It's wonderful to have a community of believers where you can feel safe," she smiles. "We have a Facebook group, text group - we're big fans of fun gifs and pictures," Liz adds laughing.

Jason also shares how they have seen God's hand working in other ways through their group. Their Life Group participated in a service project with Metro Relief on No Selfie Saturday back in October. "Over Christmas, Tim's company had a TRUCKLOAD of food to give away and he reached out to the group. We were able to work with Metro Relief and feed a family of 10!"  

The group smiles and finishes by telling me of Kyle's text to the group, earlier in the week. It said, simply: "Are we meeting this week? I miss you guys! It's been way too long."

"I just don't ever want to see it end," Tim says with a smile.

Want to get further connected at the church? Interested in plugging into a deeper relationship with others and enjoying experiences like the friends above? Check out our Life Group Launch on Sunday, January 28th all morning!

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