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Day 1: Intro to Lent

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The season of Lent is a journey in Christian discipleship. It marks the forty days leading up to Easter (not counting Sundays), and is symbolic of the forty days Jesus fasted in the desert before setting out on his own ministry journey. As such, a longstanding Christian tradition is fasting, or "giving something up" for Lent as we prepare our own hearts and lives for the journey to the Cross, and ultimately, to the promise of the Resurrection.

This year, Trietsch invites you to experience Lent in a new way by partnering with two important ministries: the North Texas Conference Zip Code Connection and Mozambique Missions.

The Zip Code Connection invites United Methodists across North Texas to walk the journey toward Holy Week and Easter in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in South Dallas/ Fair Park. (The Zip Code Connection also supports Red River County, but for this study, we will focus on South Dallas). We invite you to hear their stories and to see them – perhaps for the first time – as fellow travelers on the journey toward deeper discipleship with Christ and deeper relationship with you, their neighbors.

We also invite you to meet new "neighbors" in Mozambique. Trietsch has had a partnership with Mozambique for 20 years. Some of you have had the opportunity to travel there for mission trips, others have sponsored orphans or students, and many have prayed and contributed to the important missions there.

This Lenten journey will take you to South Dallas and Mozambique, but most importantly, deeper in your relationship with Christ. You'll meet new neighbors each day who will share their personal story, prayer, and scripture as a daily devotional guide. Each Sunday, you'll have the opportunity to discuss the readings with guided questions for groups, or use them for personal reflection.

Finally, through new relationships and through fasting, we invite you to crave an end to poverty and hunger this Lent. By fasting, we move beyond our own cravings to crave a deeper relationship with Christ. Our relationship with Christ causes us to start craving God's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

You might choose to fast in one of several ways:

  • Bishop Mike McKee is encouraging United Methodists to "Give Up Poverty for Lent." By this we mean during these forty days, setting aside an hour's wage each week or choose one day a week to abstain from food or a specific meal.
  • Think about a pleasure you crave, not a need, which you indulge in daily or weekly. Fast from these cravings for Lent. This might include forgoing new clothing, coffee, movies, going out to eat, snacks, golf, etc.
  • Fast from things that consume your time: Facebook, television, a hobby, etc., then instead give that time to growing closer to Christ and serving Him.

If you save money through fasting, use it to help support innovative ministries that enable neighborhoods to lift themselves out of poverty. Your Lenten gifts will go to support the Zip Code Connection and Mozambique missions through MDiM. The Zip Code Connection will support an Entrepreneur Center in South Dallas and economic development in and cities supported by Zip Code Connection. In Mozambique, the money will be used to help lift people out of poverty through healthcare, education, and job development.

Give Now

As we crave an end to hunger and poverty, we recognize that to really address these issues, we must start with the symptoms and focus on developmental or justice based ministries. Through giving, you can truly make a difference in the lives of the neighbors you’ll meet throughout the study, and together, we will walk the journey toward giving up poverty for good in North Texas and Mozambique. Your donation will be split equally between the Zip Code Connection and Mozambique through MDiM, or you may designate one or the other.

Let the journey begin…

Posted by Alyssa Robinson at 3:33 PM
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