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Unending Gratitude, Generosity & Blessings!

Jim Attrell shares how gratitude turned to generosity and generosity turned into blessings in his life. Do you have a story to tell? Contact Alyssa Robinson at alyssar@tmumc.org:

Thirty-five years ago I arrived in Houston from Alberta, Canada; forced to leave my homeland due to a serious downturn in the oil industry in Canada. I was forced into bankruptcy after my oldest daughter was hospitalized for a year and my insurance ran out. My car was repossessed; I was unemployed and divorced with custody of three teenagers.

About then, if things could possibly get worse, I thought I had a heart attack on the freeway while driving. The doctor said my heart was fine and that I probably experienced a panic attack. It was during that panic attack that I pleaded with God to spare me and to help me out of much misery and hopelessness.

Faced with a choice to return to my family in Canada and a job there or to remain in a difficult place in Houston where I had just met Sherry, I chose Sherry. But I believe that I was led by God to make that decision.

We married three years later in 1987 and struggled through two serious floods of our home in a short period of time. Sherry was pregnant with Marissa and I had a cast on my leg after Achilles surgery when we had to carry our dogs out of our home and wade through the flood waters to safety.

Again I turned to God for a sign, and that came when my new employer asked me to transfer to Dallas. Sherry and I placed what little was left of our worldly possessions in a small U-Haul trailer and left for Lewisville late in 1989 with our new baby Marissa.    We bought a home in Highland Village with the last of our financial resources and began a new life. We joined Trietsch and the Everyday Christians Sunday School class and have been faithful there for the last 25 years.

And God has been faithful to us and has blessed us in every meaningful way. Baby Luke joined our family in 1993 and we developed many special relationships with our new friends.

In 1998, we started our own business working from a small desk in our den on a Mac computer. Ten years later we had grown to a hundred employees in four branches with a 34,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Lewisville.

We sold the business in 2010 and I can't possibly relay to you how our lives have been blessed since we moved here 25 years ago and started worshiping at Trietsch. The fact is, the more we gave of our financial resources, the more we were blessed financially and in many other ways.

We paid off our mortgage a few years ago and our prayer for Trietsch is that it will be debt-free as well.

Today, we are committed to making the largest gift that we have ever made, trusting that our Unshackled debt-reduction campaign will be successful in every way and that all who participate will be blessed as we have. Sherry and I are so grateful for Trietsch and the fellowship we experience. We thank God for this opportunity to give back to our church.

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