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I Believe in Relationships

Rev. Daniel Humbert decided to lead a Life Group because he believes in relationships based in love. Find his group (Tuesdays at 7 pm) or browse all open Life Groups at TMUMC.ORG/life.

I believe in relationships! I believe in relationships based in love. I believe relationships are only based in love when everyone involved is willing to be vulnerable and transparent about themselves. 

This is why I believe in Life Groups. I believe Life Groups are people gathering together to share the realities of life and faith in transparent and vulnerable ways that allow us to encounter God in real and genuine ways.

I remember when I was participating in the Appalachia Service Project (ASP) every summer as a youth pastor. Our youth here at Trietsch have begun to participate as well. ASP is a ministry affiliated with the United Methodist Church that seeks, through relationships, to make homes warmer, safer, and drier in the Appalachian region of our country. The level of generational poverty there is astounding. 

One of the things that I noticed every year when I journeyed to the Appalachians was that in the midst of utter economic poverty was a wealth and depth of relationship that was unmatched anywhere I had previously encountered. I discovered that while economic security was desperately missing there that love, connection, and commitment to one another provided for a richness of soul and life that was beyond compare. 

Every year I witnessed this simple testimony to the importance of relationship with God and with one another. I was transformed every year. And yet, every year, I struggled with communicating to others how transformative and life-giving it was. People didn't seem to understand how travelling thousands of miles, working in the heat of summer, and interfacing with poor people was life-giving! It was. I can assure you.

I sometimes have the same feeling in trying to describe Life Groups. They are so simple it seems like cheating! They are so basic it almost seems surreal. And yet, they are so life-giving and transformative it's difficult for anyone who has not yet participated in one to understand.

In our Life Group there are not weekly lightning bolt revelations or earth shattering spiritual awakenings. But there is life-giving spiritual transformation taking shape around a simple, singular question, "How's your life with God?" That one simple question helps us to recognize our regular encounters with God and how influential God is in our relationships together. Even when we can't seem to identify a specific "God moment" for the week, we discover that God has truly been present with us through our time together…and that is a blessing!

We sometimes have really different understandings of how God works and what God is doing. But we all agree that we love each other, we love God and we want to keep doing this every single week.

It's hard to explain how Life Group is transformative in my faith. All I can tell you is that it is, that it's real, and that it matters. What I can tell you is that I never want to miss my Life Group. The weeks that I have due to travel or otherwise, my life has literally been found wanting.

I also believe to core of my gut, that Life Groups are the best way to grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ, which is the very reason Trietsch exists. That I know.

I sure hope you'll consider joining a Life Group now. You can CLICK HERE to sign up! I look forward to hearing your story of how your life with God is progressing.

- Rev. Daniel Humbert