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The Lesson Must Live On

Ted Hyde shares how his recent visit to the Dallas Holocaust Museum re-opened his eyes to a side of humanity we wish to forget:

How do you feel about discrimination? How do you feel about hatred? What actions would you take if you witnessed atrocities committed against your neighbor? It's easy to say we'd stand up for what's right, but sometimes it's a slow transition to evil.

Not that long ago, neighbors in central Europe began to witness odd things. First there were unfair laws instituted regarding Jews. Then Jewish places of business and worship were vandalized. Before long, concentration camps and ghettos were established for Jews. Soon, the Jews began to disappear.

How might you have acted to protect your neighbor who not long ago you ate, worked and played with? Interesting to think about.   Ever wonder what the Holocaust must have been like?

We are blessed to have a written account provided by a young girl who captured her experiences in a diary. Millions have been inspired by the writings of Anne Frank.

On February 20th, Dr. Charlotte Decoster from the Dallas Holocaust Museum will speak at the United Methodist Men of Trietsch breakfast to be held in the Family Life Center (FLC) at 8 am.

Our men are encouraged to attend and bring their children and grandchildren ages 9 and above to be educated and inspired. As painful as it is to revisit, this is a lesson that must live on so that it will never be repeated.

Won't you join me? Learn more about Men's Ministries and future events at tmumc.org/men.

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