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Help on the Slab

Sometimes the simplest stories are the sweetest. Leann White has a passion for homeless ministry in Dallas and saw first-hand how faith, social media, and willpower can make a big difference. 

I met Linda Brown on a Tuesday afternoon at City Square in downtown Dallas. We sat and visited. She had lived on the street, on "the slab" as she called it, and slept in the shelter at night. She did that for two years. Linda recently was able to get an apartment but didn't have much to fill it...a mattress, some kitchen items, a TV. Moving from being constantly surrounded by people on the street and in the shelter to being in her apartment alone was difficult. Linda said the TV kept her from being lonely...it was her friend!

So, after visiting some more I found out what she needed to complete her apartment. Of course, I turned to Facebook with a list and a plea for help for this sweet lady. Eight days later I went to Linda's apartment with my partner Kim Beck, friend Cindy Kincaid, and two very needed strong teenage boys. We filled her place with 2 love seats, a coffee table, 2 end tables, a kitchen table and chairs, box springs and frame for her bed, TV and stand, a rug, bedding...I was overwhelmed how quickly people responded wanting to help!

We entered a mostly empty apartment and left a home. We stood and prayed together before leaving...Linda's prayer was for those still on "the slab."

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Posted by Alyssa Robinson at 1:32 PM
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