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He Will Not Leave the Orphans

I am Audrey Watkins. Pray with me today. Bless all children. May they find hope in their community for a bright future and a promising life!

In 2015 we arrived at the Carolyn Belshe Orphanage in Cambine to visit the children. This is always the highlight of the Trietsch Mission Trip to Mozambique, knowing we will have so much fun playing games, singing songs and coloring with the precious children of God. When you walk on the property, the children quickly come up to grab your hand and your heart! Although we go to share the love of Jesus with these kids we end up being the one that feel loved.

It was on this trip I met a beautiful baby girl they called Dercia. The house mother was happy to let me hold her and she just melted in my arms. I asked how old she was, but they did not know. You see, she had only arrived at the orphanage that day, without a name, a birthdate, or even a blanket. Dercia's mother had left her at a stranger's house and said she would be back for her in a couple of hours, but two weeks later she had still not returned. She was orphaned and the family that she was left with was unable to care for her. Dercia was small for her estimated age and had a slightly deformed skull and likely in very poor health. She was very quiet, but I could tell she somehow knew she was now safe and that she would be loved from that moment on. Although I could not take her home with me, I knew I could pray for her daily and the comfort of all orphans knowing that He has promises that He will not leave the orphans but will rather come for them.

Trietsch has a long history of supporting the children in the orphanage.

  • We support 69 orphans in Cambine
  • Budget to feed, clothe, educate the children in Cambine is $25,000 per year
  • Damages after the Cyclone will cost an additional $40,000…roofs on 4 dorms, mattresses for beds
  • We have identified 25 street children in Dondo that we are currently feeding for $6,000 per year
  • The Dondo orphanage requires approximately an additional $12,000 to clothe and educate the children

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. John 14:18

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