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Going Beyond Hello

Denise Robinson shares how she hopes the "Beyond Hello" worship series will help her pay more attention. Join us this Sunday!

We lived for a short time in New Mexico. Our neighborhood was on a mesa (elevated area of land with a flat top.) At the end of our street was a view that took my breath away. You could see the rugged and beautiful terrain of this most interesting area.  Every time I left my house, whether by foot or in the car, I would pause at this spectacular view and marvel at God’s handiwork…for the first month I lived there at least.

As I became more and more connected in the community, I paused at that beautiful view less and less. I had places to go, kids to pick up and errands to run. Over time, this beautiful view just blended in with the world around me.

A visit from family helped me focus again. The view took their breath away and we talked about God’s incredible creation. It was hard to look at that view and not see God. Yet I had done just that.

I find myself doing the same thing too often when I walk into church. I get so caught up in the class I need to lead, getting to the service on time and visiting with friends that I only see once a week that I forget to pick up my head and look around at what God is doing.

When I do pick up my head and stop being so busy, I see people who look lost because it's their first Sunday at Trietsch and they're not sure what to do. I look up and see someone sitting alone on the couch. Maybe God wants me to start a conversation with that person. We've all been new before, and we've all felt alone at some point. Let's refresh our view, just like I had to do with the New Mexico scenery.

"Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10a

To me, this verse could just as easily say, "Denise, stop talking, look up and listen." 

We need to learn to keep our eyes open to God around us. We allow our agendas to become more important than noticing God’s beautiful creation or someone who needs a helping hand or is looking for a friend.

I want to challenge myself and everyone around me in the "Beyond Hello" worship series to simply look up. I want to try and make Sundays less about myself and more about God. Less of myself and more of God's people. I want to go beyond being friendly, and pay attention enough to be a friend.

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