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God's Perfect Timing

Michelle Hahn's Life Group has walked alongside her and her husband Grant during a time of unexpected change. Click here to learn more about Life Groups!

My husband Grant and I are in a Life Group together on Wednesday nights. When I first heard about Life Groups last year, I knew it was something we needed to be part of. I thought it might take some convincing to get Grant to do it with me.

So, one night when Grant and I were in bed about to fall asleep, I rolled over and asked him if he wanted to join a Life Group. By the way… not a coincidence that I brought it up when he was almost asleep. I told him about the group and that we only needed to commit to 8 weeks and then see where it goes. I was expecting him to be hesitant and drag his feet, but he said yes!

I was surprised he said yes, and honestly, so was he. But I think it's something that both of us knew we needed, and God knew it, too.

What we didn't know at the time was that the members of our Life Group would walk with us during a major life change.

I am a former math teacher and have been a tutor and stay-at-home mom with my 5, 3, and 1-year-old for a while, but I've always had a passion for finance. I love the idea of helping people manage their budgets, plan for their future, and maintain overall financial well-being.  I've been pondering this dream for a while, unsure of logistics to make the transition. This year for Mother's Day, Grant asked me what I'd like as a gift. I pondered it and told him what I really want is to sign up for classes to become a Certified Financial Planner.

Grant and the kids loved the idea and were very supportive, so they got me signed up for my classes!

Now, in my mind this was going to be a long process where I would dabble here and there in finance, but I didn't plan to go into a career for about 5 years. This timing would make sense because the kids would be a bit older and spending more time in school.

One week after starting my classes, I got a phone call from a family friend who works in finance. Last year, he had kindly given me advice on how to get started in the field and the most beneficial credentials. He called to tell me that his company was hiring and asked if I'd like to interview. I couldn't believe it! I had just started classes, and I hadn't let people know yet. It seemed a little too fast for my plans, but too perfect of timing to be just coincidence. I knew it was God's timing!

Previously during Life Group, my amazing husband, Grant, had opened up several times about wanting to leave his career in teaching (of over 17 years) and find a new passion, but our family needed the steady income so we decided he couldn't. 

After many prayers, I went in to interview and CFO4Life offered me a full-time position because they recognized my passion and drive. God presented an opportunity at the perfect time. I started the finance classes and got a job in less than two weeks! My new job at CFO4Life (mycfo4life.com) started on Monday.

Taking a leap of faith opened up a crazy number of doors. It's as if, throughout the process, God was telling me over and over again, "You're doing the right thing. This is what I want you to do. Here, let me help you with this."

My Life Group helped me see God every week. My Life Group helped me see how much my husband needed me to take this leap. He would share things in our group that never came up with just the two of us. They supported us in prayer and reflection, and continue to support us as we start this new journey together.

I know that God has had a hand in all of this, and I can't wait to see what changes this brings for my family. I also know that my Life Group will continue to be there every step of the way.

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