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God Uses the Rehearsal

A personal testimony from Ashley Whitehead:

When Pastor Daniel asked me to rehearse my testimony for Laity Sunday, I must admit, I was intimidated.  For some reason I was much more comfortable speaking in front of 100 people than rehearsing in front of the senior pastor.  I mean, here was the expert on Sunday sermons sitting in the pews listening to me!  

But it wasn’t just Daniel that showed up for my rehearsal.  When I arrived in the sanctuary, another man sat in the pews looking up at the stained glass.  Assuming he was the other Laity speaker, I muttered an awkward hello and waited for Daniel.  When Daniel arrived it became apparent that this other man just happened to pop in that day.  When Daniel inquired of his presence, he explained that he was in a bad place and just needed to sit with God.  When he saw that I was there to rehearse my testimony, he asked if he could stay and listen.  I had no problem with that; in fact I was a little relieved that there was another lay person in the room.

I fumbled through my outline and checked the stopwatch to make sure I was setting a good pace.  I talked about the death of my father, the death of my fiancé, my journey developing a relationship with God, and finally, my recent involvement at Trietsch.  Despite my hiccups, my overuse of “um” and some dead air, the man in the pews thanked me.  

This man had spent the last several months as a caregiver to his wife who had just recently passed away.  This man had come to Trietsch that day looking for hope and encouragement.  Here was a man in the midst of grief that just needed to hear that there was a light at the end of the tunnel from someone who’d been there.

Daniel and I prayed with him before we left and marveled at how God works.  When I was originally asked to give my testimony on Laity Sunday, I prayed that God would give me the words to help just one person.  I never imagined that God would provide that right person during the rehearsal.

- Ashley Whitehead

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