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God Always Provides

I am Virginia. Pray with me today: God, thank you for providing. Thank you for the opportunity to work hard and provide for my family. Thank you for my customers.

My name is Virginia and I live in Mozambique. I have lived a typical life for a woman in Mozambique. It is not an easy life, but God always provides.

In 2015, my husband became ill and could no longer hold a job. I prayed to God to help us find a way to take care of our family. I had no skills or training and only a 7th grade education. I had the opportunity to attend a free business class offered by Trietsch missionaries. Ms. Jackie was my instructor and was quick to encourage and challenge me to think of a business I could start. I learned how to budget my money, account for inventory and write a business plan. That night I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving. I knew what I could do to earn money for my family. How could I afford to start? We were told we could do a presentation in front of MDiM and the mission team. My culture taught me that women don’t speak up, but God was telling me I must do this and that He would be standing with me as I presented my plan to a room full of people.

I borrowed a nice dress and shoes and walked to the Mission's classroom to make my presentation. I counted no less than 50 people in the room and I became afraid. But I was greeted by Ms. Jackie with a warm hug and bright smile. She wanted me to know she had confidence in me and my plan. I prayed I would have the courage to share my idea. I shared that I wanted to sell fire wood and charcoal. Everyone living by me cooks over an open fire, so this would be in need continuously. I would need to build a secure area to store my inventory. I shared how I would deliver firewood as an added benefit, offering the best customer service. I was filled with excitement and determined to find a way to start my business. I had no idea my dream was about to become a reality.

I was awarded $500 to start my business! God was providing for my family and I was going to do all I could to make them proud of their decision to invest in me. I built a safe structure behind my house and purchased inventory. In a short amount of time, I realized charcoal was in more demand than firewood, so I doubled my charcoal inventory. Within a year I earned enough money to not only care for my family, but open a second location where my sister lives. We have grown so large that we now order two truckloads of charcoal at a time.

I thank God daily for always being faithful and providing.

Because there is one bread, we who are many are one body, for we all partake of the one bread. 1 Corinthians 10:17

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