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I Am Gifted to Serve!

Alyssa Shibata took the Gifted to Serve Discovery, and was surprised by her results. Read her thoughts:

I love personality tests and self-discovery books. Myers Briggs, Strengths Finder, Enneagram…I just can't help myself. I feel like I always learn something new about myself, but more importantly I learn how I best relate to and connect with others.

So when Trietsch released an updated spiritual gifts analysis, I boldly volunteered to be a test subject. I took the Gifted to Serve Discovery to dive into my spiritual gifts, ministry style, and explore my personal passions. I was surprised by some of the results.

My Top Gifts (quoted directly from my results page):

  1. Discernment: the ability to separate truth from erroneous teachings and to rely on spiritual intuition to know what God is calling us to do.
    Discernment allows us to focus on what is truly important and to ignore that which deflects us from faithful obedience to God. Discernment aids us in knowing whom to listen to and whom to avoid.
  2. Proclamation: the gift of speaking the word of God clearly and faithfully.
    Prophets allow God to speak through them to communicate the message that people most need to hear. While often unpopular, prophets are able to say what needs to be said because of the spiritual empowerment they receive.

(I know prophecy isn't about fortune-telling, but I couldn't resist this meme!)

What? How am I supposed to use these? They're so abstract. I was really hoping for more direct gifts like teaching, encouragement, or service. Then I would know exactly what to do with them and where to serve on No Selfie Saturday

After getting the results, I immediately picked up the phone to call Denise Robinson, our Director of Discipleship, to discuss (she also happens to be my mom).

She answered the phone, "Hi there." Since she is my mom, I have the luxury of cutting straight to the point. Without even saying hello, I proclaimed, "According to my results, I am the most hated person in church!"

I explained how my top gifts were about calling people out, thinking that my gifts can only lead me to be the person on the street corner with a bullhorn telling everyone the folly of their ways. I'm a "prophet" clearly destined to be run out of town. I am the annoying person who loves change and disruption, pushes people outside of their comfort zones, always speaks my mind, and disregards the rules. I'm a bull in the China shop.

By the way…anyone who knows me is probably thinking to themselves, "Sounds right to me."

My mom laughed a little and said, "That's only if you're misusing your gifts."

Huh? You can use your gifts wrong?

She and I continued to have a long conversation about my gifts, ministry style, and passion. She explained how she has seen me use my gifts, how she was not at all surprised by my results, and how my gifts and ministry style can be used in unique ways to serve God's kingdom. She didn't just have this conversation with me because I'm her daughter. She has this conversation with anyone who takes the Gifted to Serve Discovery.

After taking a deeper dive into my gifts, I came to realize that I had been viewing the gifts God gives me as some sort of innate super power that comes naturally, requiring no discipline or improvement. The truth is I need to humbly practice my gifts. I need to learn how to lovingly proclaim truth without letting my character flaws of pride, the need to be right, and arrogance (just to name a few) invade the message.

I'm excited to learn more this month about how to use my gifts to build God's kingdom during the Gifted to Serve worship series. I highly recommend you take the Gifted to Serve Discovery and have a conversation about your gifts with Denise. Join me on this journey! If you already know your spiritual gifs, share them with me in the comments. How do you use them?

Posted by Alyssa Robinson at 9:49 AM
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