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Get Creative in Prayer

Dana Phillips shares how the Back-to-School Prayer Walk doesn't have to include walking. Click here to learn more and sign up to pray: 

Today, more than ever, our schools need our prayers:  the kids, the teachers, administrators, and families are important to God.

Our next Back-to-School Prayer Walk, August 20, reminds us to fulfill our mission of leading others into a growing relationship with Jesus.

There are so many amazing stories of how people commemorated last year's prayer walk, I wanted to share them.

Some people did walk and pray around a school with their families. Others prayed at the flagpoles. Some had their children read the prayer cards (we will make those available again this year), others just prayed silently.

Here are some creative stories I heard from others about how they prayed.

  • Finger-walking on a map and praying for each school in their neighborhood
  • Praying for their school every time they waited for their kids to be dismissed
  • Praying for their school every time they passed it
  • Praying a Jericho prayer (seven times around the school) to claim the school for God
  • Praying silently over needs that were written on cards.
  • Praying by writing post-it notes and putting them on a poster with pictures from that school
  • Praying using Scriptures

Along with praying for people you know, you can pray for people in the school that you don't know but God does know. Here are some of the people in schools that you can pray for:

  • Teachers
  • Principal, Vice Principal and Counselors
  • Secretaries, nurses, receptionist, and other office workers
  • Staff in cafeteria
  • Maintenance workers
  • Crossing Guards
  • Bus Drivers
  • School Board who makes decisions for the school
  • P.T.A. parents
  • Students who are leaders on campus
  • Christian students, you know
  • Students who have a hard time doing schoolwork
  • Students you know who have a hard time at home, or in family
  • Students who are disruptive in class
  • Students who are bullies to others or just mean
  • Students who get bullied, gossiped about or ignored
  • Students who feel like no one cares

Please join us! Sign up for a school on line or in the Connection Center. You don't have to walk to be a part of the Back to School Prayer Walk.


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