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Boy, Have I Got a Story!

Susan Warren shares how her story lead to a ministry based on unconditional love:

When Daniel said, "Tell me a story." I thought, "Boy, have I got a story!" My mind raced.

My story started when I was 17 and I left a small town in North Carolina to go to a big university. I met the man of my dreams there and we got married and settled down and had three children. Little did I know, 17 years later when I was 34, I would be returning to that same big university with my 6 month old youngest child. You see, they had the best research hospital in the state and she had something wrong – something that the doctors at home could not diagnose. It took another 17 years, but a wonderful doctor at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda diagnosed her condition. Boy, have I got a story.

During this time, countless people went out of their way to be generous to us. I remember telling a lady who stayed with Katy when we could not be at the hospital with her, "You know, there is no way I can ever repay you for all your kindness." Her reply to me was, "When I needed help once, others did things like this for me. And this is my way of repaying them – by helping you." I will never forget her giving spirit or her words. They are part of my story.

A few more years passed, and our oldest son was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at the age of 32. We have no family history of anyone else fighting this terrifying battle – this came completely out of nowhere. He has gone through radiation, chemotherapy, multiple surgeries and wonderful care at MD Anderson. But during this trial, I was introduced to a wonderful program at his church in Katy, TX called Freezer Meals. We benefited by receiving food from strangers whom we will never be able to thank. This, too, became part of my story.

Now I realize it's not MY story. It's the story of all of us. I knew before I ever took a Spiritual Gifts Inventory that Hospitality was high on my gift list, and now I want to welcome all of you into my story by introducing a new Care & Support Ministry at Trietsch. 

This September, Trietsch will begin its own Freezer Meals ministry. We will build a team of Freezer Meals volunteers to prepare frozen food that can be distributed to individuals who have a crisis or emergency, and who need prepared food on short notice. Watch for more information about how you can join the Freezer Meals Team to prepare this food!

When we needed help once, others did things like this for us. And this is our way of repaying them, because we never got the chance to adequately thank them. Boy, have we got a story!

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