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For the Love of Humanity

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Today, there are more people living in slavery than at any other time in history? But there's good news: we can be part of changing that. We can Fund Freedom. Trietsch has joined together with International Justice Mission (IJM) to raise money to end slavery—and we won't stop until we meet our goal. Together, we will raise more than we ever could alone. Help us reach our goal of $50k by making a donation to IJM.

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For the love of humanity, let’s end modern day slavery!  There are over 40 million people living in modern day slavery today.  We call it human trafficking.  This slavery ensnares children, women, and those stuck in poverty the most.  It generates over $150,000,000,000 in revenue every single year on the backs of our vulnerable neighbors.

Jesus calls us to love our neighbors and serve those in need. Each year in Lent, we renew our commitment to Jesus to love our neighbors and love God with our whole being. This Lent, our worship series and church-wide campaign, For the Love of Humanity, will call us to love the trafficked by discovering who they are, how we can support better efforts of prevention and how we can help set them free.  We will commit to praying, fasting, and giving for the love of humanity.

Want to help? Support our team by making a donation! The process is fast, easy and secure, and you can rest assured that your gift will help to bring people out of slavery and into restoration.

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