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Daily Practice: Experience God in Solitude

Rev. Clay Horton and Director of Discipleship Denise Robinson share tips to experience God through solitude:

"And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed." - Mark 1:35

Examples of Jesus finding solitude are throughout the Gospels. Even Jesus needed to escape and find stillness. As we live into our first week of our lenten practices, we invite you to add a time of solitude to your normally busy week. Whether it's one 15 minute time period or 15 minutes every day, here are some ways to get started.  You don't need to leave the house to find solitude, but we challenge you to create time and space to be still and be with God.

Read a little more about solitude here.

Here are some ways to find solitude and spend time with God. Experiment with one or more practices this week.

  • In your solitude, read Psalm 46. After reading it through one time, focus your attention on verse 10. What does it mean to be still? What does it mean to know that God is God?
  • Pull out your notes from Sunday's sermon (either in the bulletin or on your TMUMC App) and spend time reflecting on the scripture passages. How will you be different today because of what you just read?
  • When you practice times of solitude, light a candle to mark God's presence with you.
  • Try waking up a little early, before your household is awake. Simply listen to the quiet world around you.
  • Go on a nature walk and observe God all around you.

How do you experience God in solitude?  We'd love for you to share how you find God in solitude in the midst of our busy world.

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