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Doing Life Together

Rev. Doug Meyer and his wife Wendy are hosting a Tuesday night Bible study starting on September 6. Read his note and reach out to him if you're interested:

We returned a week ago from a big road trip...it took 11 days, we saw 5 states, and traveled thousands of miles. As we journeyed I was struck by the similarities of a road trip and the journey we are all on through life! We are each travelers, moving down the road of life – some of us have a destination in mind, while others simply go where the road takes them. We experience detours, rest areas, roadblocks, scenic views, potty stops, empty gas tanks and dark nights.

Where are you on your road trip? Where are you in your pursuit of serenity? Do you keep hitting dead ends? Are you zooming down the open road with no idea of your destination? Maybe it is time to pull over and check your "map."

Are you open to fine tuning your journey through the wisdom of Scripture, personal insights from the 12 steps template, assigned readings and the "collective life knowledge of fellow travelers?" Is it time to create a new destination and a whole new road map for your life? If so, this Tuesday night group may be for you. Each week we will share insights from our readings and reflections, and our daily journeys as we seek to live the healthiest, faith-filled life possible.

We will begin with an orientation class Tuesday, September 6 at 6:30 pm.

The class will be co-led by Doug and Wendy Meyer.

The class comes with expectations of each participant. Participants will be asked to make a commitment to : weekly attendance, reading the material, sharing from your life story and being a good listener.

Required reading for the class will include: the Bible, and a workbook titled: The 12 steps – a way out. A spiritual process for healing. (Please go online and purchase your book -  I bought mine via Amazon.com)

If you have questions as you try to decide if this class is for you please feel free to email  Rev. Doug Meyer at dougm@tmumc.org.