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Day 39: Good Friday

Prayerfully Read – LUKE 22:6-23

Entering into someone's world changes the way we relate to them. Through these stories during Lent, we've entered into South Dallas and Mozambique. We've received little glimpses of what life is like in those places. Perhaps you feel as though you know a person or two now in those places. Maybe your heart feels a little more connected to their hearts. Through short stories and prayer, you've entered into their world. How much more connected would you be if you entered into their homes? How much more compassion would you develop if you shared a meal with the authors of these stories? Jesus knew that relationships truly connected people. That is why the God who created everything became flesh and blood and lived among us (John 1). Jesus entered into our world so that we might know Him. He entered into our world and all the mess that comes with it in order to build a relationship with us. Jesus, while being fully God, was committed to us. We might even say that Jesus was in solidarity with humanity. Christ was committed to awaking those stuck in the religiosity of a system that was no longer spiritual but had come rigid and oppressive. Christ was committed to those whom society had pushed to the margins. In Luke, Jesus says that he came to bring good news to the poor, release to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind and to the let the oppressed go free (Luke 4:18-19). Jesus taught us how to be peacemakers and servant leaders. Christ was so committed to humanity- you, your neighbor, your enemy- that He put his skin in the game to change everything forever.

We see how much Jesus craved freedom, strength, commitment, direction, connection, and true life for humanity when we look at His life and look at the cross. Good Friday reminds us that if we crave what Jesus craves and enter into relationship with other people, it’s not always safe or comfortable. If we go all in, there might be consequences. However, if we go all in, God satisfies those Holy cravings and brings true life. Good Friday is the day that we are reminded that to take up one’s cross and follow Christ means we too must enter into relationships with others, be willing to stand in solidarity with them, and move our cravings from things of this world to things of the Kingdom.

Good Friday Prayer

Lord you entered into a broken world and through desire to be in relationship with us, you faced hardships beyond comprehension. May I find strength in you to face hardships for others whom you call me to love. Amen.

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