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Day 30: Pride in the Street

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I am Steven. Pray with me today: Let us find the beauty in our neighborhoods, neighbors and strangers. Give us strength to do the work in South Dallas that needs to be done to support a community working to better itself.

There are clear signs that this community has suffered some hits along the way. When you drive in to South Dallas, you will see vacant buildings and lots, deterioration around the streets, and overgrowth. It might seem to the outsider that there is a lack of pride of ownership. The truth is, a lot of that is due to property owners who don't live here. They are in California so they don't care that their building looks bad for the neighborhood. It's hard on residents who are out mowing their yards just like you and I, only to be next door to a lot where the owner hasn't ever seen it and does nothing to keep it up.

I came to South Dallas in February. Since I got here I have been working with Jay Scroggins at WINS, George Battle with Zip Code Connection and other community leaders to get a Public Improvement District for South Dallas. People told us that it couldn't be done. How were the people of this community supposed to pay additional taxes to help their neighborhood, and why on earth would they vote for it? But we worked with the citizens that live here and they want to improve their neighborhood. The PID will allow for clean up on those vacant lots, additional improvements to real estate and land and many other beautification projects that will help this neighborhood have pride in its streets. We hope to also have more courtesy officers in the neighborhood. If the officers can get to know our people, we can all feel safer here.

I hope to work in public service for a long time and this opportunity in South Dallas has taught me so much about the importance of community and the importance of the career I have chosen. I hope to come back in 10 years and see that the neighborhood has gotten the attention it deserves. Pretty streets with big, well kept trees and children playing in the street. I hope people move here. It’s a great place to live with tons of potential.

Return to your home, and declare how
much God has done for you. Luke 8:39

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