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Day 24: Hope in the Garden

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I am Glenda. Pray with me today: I pray for God to give me strength to get through the trials and tribulations in my own life. I put my trust in him. I thank him for the strength to get through each day and for places in our community where we can stay busy and be positive.

I used to pick pecans out front of the Bethlehem Center. They have some really large trees and I enjoyed the activity and the shade. One Saturday I decided to bring the kids up to the center for breakfast. George Battle was there and started to tell us about all of the programs.

At some point, he mentioned that they were starting a community garden. I thought that would be a good fit for me and something to do. My mom and great aunt raised me in the country for part of my childhood, so I had learned a lot about growing things.

The Star Community Garden is a great example of partnerships doing good things in this community. After initially getting interested in the garden with George, I decided to become the person to oversee the garden. It was a labor of love and a lot of people came together to make it happen in the community. I remember Mr. Glen who worked with master gardeners and helped us to get funds from AT&T to build our shed. I remember the volunteer who came over to build the fence around the garden. We've had lots of great community volunteers. Before we even planted a single plant, we had people who built the bed and brought in the dirt.

The children love it. Playing in the water and playing in the dirt is a great activity for them and is something different than they are used to. The staff at Bethlehem Center even got them their own little hose and shovels! At the end of the day we also get to see the things that grow. It's important to see that hard work pays off.

The garden is a symbol of hope for this community. I love my neighbors, we watch out for each other and it is good to have safe places to come together to celebrate our community. The Bethlehem Center is a great place for us all to come together and I’m thankful that there are more and more opportunities for South Dallas to come out together.

He said, "My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest." Exodus 33: 14

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