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Daily Practice: Start Small with Fasting

Later this week, we'll invite you to join us as we do an extended fast together. Today, we invite you to practice fasting or abstaining in a small way. Try giving up something that you eat or drink every day. It might be dessert, coke, coffee, or a glass of wine. What can you go without today in order to draw your attention closer to God?

Our extended fast will be from sundown on Wednesday until Thursday night's meal. On Thursday, from noon until 1, our sanctuary will be open for prayer and reflection. We'll have prayer guides available. We invite you to break your fast in community on Thursday night, whether it is with your family, life group, Sunday school class, or friends. There are several opportunities to celebrate the end of the fast with other Trietsch members.

Dinner Events

"The Rest of the Story" 
Join us for a fun evening to learn "The Rest of the Story" behind our MAD for Jesus summer camp mission opportunity. We invite you to enjoy dinner at Gabriela & Sofia's Tex-Mex Restaurant at Parker Square March 8, 6:30pm. Learn about the West Dallas community served by Wesley-Rankin, interview with a family directly impacted by the housing crisis, and hear real stories of the impact poverty and the lack of affordable housing has on the children and families.

Make Reservation

"Theology Pub and Grub"
All men are invited to attend Theology Pub & Grub: every 2nd Thursday at 7:30pm at Nick’s Pizza & Pasta - 1301 Justin Rd # 105, Lewisville. Each time we gather, we discuss different theological topics and enjoy an open ended discussion. Nick’s is B.Y.O.B. So bring a friend, a drink, and an open heart and mind.

Walk to Emmaus
We also have a number of members of our church who are pilgrims or servants on the Walk to Emmaus. The send-off dinner is Thursday night and we invite you to keep this group in your prayers.


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