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Daily Practice: Create Space

Rev. Clay Horton and Director of Discipleship Denise Robinson share how to create a space to encounter God:

The spiritual practice of solitude is a gift, but it takes intentionality. How can you create space to find solitude on a regular basis? Creating space may mean a physical space in your house, or it might be creating space in your calendar. Spend time today creating time and space for solitude. Add some time for solitude to your calendar so that you'll practice it over the next several months.

Clear out that corner in your house that's collecting junk and transform it to a sacred space (Go here for ideas on creating a sacred space).

Don't let the practices of solitude and silence end after lent, but be intentional during lent to ensure these practices remain with you. Could you spend 10-30 minutes right now creating space that will allow you to connect with God in the future? 

After this time, ask yourself, how was God present with you in those past moments?

Taking more steps:

  • Prayer labyrinths are a way to help us find calm and solitude. Click here to learn more.
  • Prayer Room (room 101) at TMUMC- Our prayer room is open during church hours and is a great place to stop and pray.
  • Practice the Breath Prayer at TMUMC.ORG/breath
  • Download the app "3 Minute Retreat" in the Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iPhone and get in the habit of taking 3 minutes a day to read scripture and pray.
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