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Commit to Give

Rev. Daniel Humbert calls us each to reflect, pray, and give according to what God desires. You can make a financial pledge for 2018 at TMUMC.ORG/pledge.

We often speak the single word, "really," when we are caught off guard by someone's peculiar or unique behavior. Or maybe we say it when we're unclear about what someone has said.  I've also noticed that we sometimes say, "really," when we're amazed at how simple and straight forward some concept is.

When it comes to generosity, we often have a "really?" mentality. God wants me to give a tithe…"really!"  God wants a cheerful giver…"really?"  I'm supposed to give regularly…"really?"

Generosity is truly more pleasant and life-giving than we may imagine…really!  And it's truly simpler than we may realize…really!  Here is what it looks like: live gratefully, spend wisely and give generously. 

Live gratefully: Gratitude brings life and offers hope.  Gratitude leads to joy and fulfillment. Gratitude allows us to be cheerful and kind.  When we discover how to be thankful in all circumstances we can begin the journey toward true generosity…really!

Spend wisely: Our spending can sometimes lead us toward selfishness and discontent. It can also cause us personal harm if we're not careful. Often, our financial stress is not due to lack of funds but rather lack of self-control. When we learn how to spend wisely we can become more generous…really!

Give generously: Generosity is the response to gratitude and contentment. We can be generous because God has first been generous to us. When we understand that God has provided everything we have, we can be more generous. As we discover that life truly is a gift generosity becomes natural and easy…really!

It has been great these last several weeks to move from really? to REALLY!

As you consider what your financial generosity to Trietsch will be for 2018, I encourage you to CLICK HERE to gain access to the "Guide to Prayerful Stewardship" which is on the brochure that shares so much great information about God's ministry here at Trietsch. A prayerful decision about generosity is always the best!

We are all encouraged to work toward the biblical call of a tithe (10%) of income (Mal. 3: 8-10) in our giving to God. Whatever the gift, make it a percentage of income gift. God invites us to give in proportion to how we are blessed (Deut. 16:17), therefore, I invite you to use the chart to determine your offering.  If you are ready, you can make your commitment NOW!  Really!

THIS Sunday, November 12 is Commitment Sunday.  If you're with us in worship you will also be able to share your commitment then. I thank you in advance for your desire to be generous with and for God so that your gratitude will show and your relationship will grow!

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