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Outside My Comfort Zone

Linda Steiner didn't think she knew enough about God to lead a Life Group at Trietsch, but God knew her enough to know that she could. Click here to sign up for a Life Group:

The first time I heard Life Groups mentioned, I admit, I barely paid attention. Little did I know what an impact a Life group would have on me! The next time I heard about Life groups was at a staff meeting, and we were asked to consider being a leader or a member in the soft launch in the Fall of 2016. For some reason, this time it caught my attention. So I asked for further information about a Life group. 

What are they and what's their purpose? Why are we launching these? Why do you think this will impact my life? What is the leader's role? (By the way, all of these questions are answered in the FAQ)  

After further talk, I was excited and was actually thinking about being a leader for a Life group. If you know me, you know I was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone in being a leader. I've never lead a Bible study or Sunday school class or any church related event. Oh sure, I ran some training classes in the corporate world, but it is definitely not the same as leading or facilitating a class at Trietsch!

These are matters of spirituality and GOD and I didn't want to mess it up because I had strayed away from God and church for years. I had only in the past year and a half come back to church and become involved in Bible study (I had forgotten most of what I read and learned from the Bible in past years). I decided to pray about it and ask God, "Is this really what I should do and will I be an effective leader?" So in the evening I did a LOT of praying to God and asking him to PLEASE give me an answer if this is the right thing for me.  A sarcastic voice said in my head, "Oh Linda, you can do this!" I guess that was my answer.

It was the best decision I have ever made! 

It has impacted my life in ways I could never imagine. God is constantly on my mind. I find myself thinking of God and how He would want me to react or respond to people and how, as a Christian, I should be treating people in my everyday life. 

It makes me conscious of the cashier at the checkout at the grocery and saying a simple, "Hello, how are you?" It makes me think twice about getting so upset with the person who cut me off in traffic. Little things, I know, but they do make a difference. I place much more emphasis on developing relationships than ever before. The relationships I have developed with the members of my class is something I would never have imagined. There is a bond and a closeness that did not exist before. 

Whether someone is telling a personal story that has impacted their relationship with God, or just discussing their day-to-day experience of God, you develop this bond because they are trusting you with their intimate thoughts and feelings regarding their spirituality, their relationship with God and their personal feelings. You can't help but develop this bond and closeness with each and every member!

I know we will continue to keep in touch even when the time comes that the Life group comes to a close because our 18 months together is finished. If you're still nervous about taking the leap, know that you're allowed to change your mind. When my group first started, it was with the idea that we would only commit to the first 8 weeks. After 8 weeks were up, none of us could imagine not being part of a Life Group. Give it a try.

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