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Church & Baseball

Life Groups don't have to be gooey and emotional. Kristy Jordan thinks her group is a lot like a baseball game:

Growing up I never watched baseball. My dad didn't like it so it was never on at our house. We were all about the Cowboys, Spurs, and golf. From the little I had seen of it, I thought baseball was so boring. Why would anyone be interested in watching it?

On the other hand, my husband is a huge Rangers fan and an all-around baseball fan. He comes from a family of baseball fans. His dad grew up in Des Moines and they were big Cubs fans. It was a big part of their life and they loved the game. When we started dating he took me to a Rangers game, I had been once before and the atmosphere was fun but the game still held no interest for me. He said I would love the game if I understood it.

At the games we sat in his usual seat location, front row, upper deck, third base side. At the time, my only thought was front row equals leg room, yes! He and a huge group of guys had tickets all together for 20ish games a season. They would watch the game, talk and have all these games they would play during the game. They had a great time together. In the movie Fever Pitch, Jimmy Fallon's character is a Red Sox season ticket holder and fanatic. He calls the people with seats around him his summer family. That is how it is with baseball, there is time to develop relationships with those people around you. The pace of baseball allows you to talk while watching it without the person teaching you missing out on things happening during the game.

Slowly, Matt taught me all about the game. We went to games and if we weren't at the game we watched it on TV. During 162 games, you get to know the players, manager, broadcasters. They are also part of your baseball family. When you take time to learn the game you develop a relationship with it and other people that love the game, baseball is definitely not boring. It can be a grind, 162 games is a lot of ups and downs and some years it can be a real beating but I love it.

Church life is a lot like baseball, if you don't take the time to get to know the bible and the people around you, it can be boring. When we started sign-ups for Life Groups, I was very excited about starting up. An opportunity to get to know some people and having dedicated time to have conversations with them sounding amazing. There would be no rushing through the meeting to get to something else. It was truly dedicated time for building relationships. I am enjoying my group. I genuinely like all the people in it and have learned more about them and their lives.

But I feel kind of bad about our group. I am hearing and reading all these stories about deep emotions, crying, breakthroughs, the skies parting and God’s light shining down on them. Well, not exactly like that but still in the competitive world we live in, I started to feel bad, my life group isn't like that at all. We talk, we share, we are getting to know each other but there is no crying. I wondered are we doing it wrong? But I've decided it is okay. With our group it is a slow-moving game, just like baseball (and we all know there is no crying in baseball). And just like baseball we are enjoying the time for conversations and developing relationships. Finding out about each other, learning to see God in the little things, doing life together, and I am grateful for the opportunity to do that.


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