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Christmas Worship Announcement

Rev. Daniel Humbert has an important announcement about Christmas Day worship:

As you're making plans around Advent and Christmas, we have a worship announcement regarding Christmas day. Our focus this season is to bring Christmas back "Down to Earth" because Jesus Christ came down to Earth to bring justice, give life, forgive sins, shine light and live love. (To explore Christmas worship options including Advent, Blue Christmas and Christmas Eve, visit tmumc.org/Christmas.)

In case you haven't already checked the calendar, Christmas falls on a Sunday this year. In the spirit of bringing Christmas back "Down to Earth," we are providing a modest, humble at-home worship experience for you and your family to practice together on Christmas morning.

In lieu of Sunday morning worship in the Sanctuary on December 25, we will consider Christmas Eve worship (on Saturday, December 24 at 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9 pm) to be our community celebration of Christ's birth as a church. We felt it appropriate to give Trietsch staff a chance to spend Christmas day with their families and for you to have a day of love dedicated to your families as well. 

Although we will not host services at the church on Christmas morning, we will offer at-home worship elements to enjoy with your family.

Starting on Christmas day, tmumc.org/Christmas will host a 15 minute worship experience to keep the day focused on Jesus, family-friendly service project opportunities, and fun activities to celebrate Jesus's birth such as "Name that Tune" with Frank Hames. This experience will stay on our website a full week after Christmas so you have a chance to spend time in worship with your family.  

This is a beautiful opportunity for you and your family to have calm, quiet time together remembering the reason for Christmas. It's not about the gifts. It's not about the food or games. It's about God coming Down to Earth in the form of a baby to build a real relationship with each of us.

If you have questions about Christmas day, please contact me at danielh@tmumc.org.

Many blessings from our Trietsch family to you,

Rev. Daniel Humbert
Senior Pastor
972-539-8547 ext. 210

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