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charity: water Update

charity: water Update

Our wells are pumping and will provide clean water to 6 locations for the next 20 years, impacting thousands of lives across multiple generations. THANK YOU!

charity: water has sent us a Completion Report with photos, facts about each location, and stories from the field. Click below to view.

View Completion Report

charity: water has been working hard since your gift of nearly $80,000 to build a water well in Tigray, Ethiopia. We have received the official GPS coordinates of the active well your gifts created. Water changes everything! 

TMUMC's charity: water Project

It's official! Our charity: water well has been built in Tigray, Ethiopia. More than 5 million people live in Tigray but only 54% of the population has access to clean, safe drinking water. Thanks to your help, we've to changed that!


The $79K you helped raise for charity: water in March and April of 2015 was used to build water wells in Ethiopia. It is such a blessing to be able to provide the basic need of clean water to our brothers and sisters across the globe.

The Water Crisis in Ethiopia  

Ethiopia has faced severe famine, drought, political instability and war. Peace has returned, but the nation remains developmentally weak. Most rural families survive on less than five liters of water per day and walk up to four hours to collect it from open sources. A clean water project nearby can restore health, time and opportunity to these communities.


Continue checking in at tmumc.org/charitywater to keep up with news from Ethiopia. 

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